PSA: Clicking "no" when PSO2 requests permissions WILL BRICK your install.

My Windows Store PSO2 install problems and solutions:

  • Had to update windows to actually install the game
  • Made sure I was signed into the Windows Store and Xbox Console Companion apps
  • Game will install on your windows boot drive (11GB install + 59GB update)
  • It is critical that you run PSO2 as administrator at least for the first run (I do it every time just to be sure) by right-clicking on the app and choosing "run as administrator"
  • It is even more critical that you NEVER click "no" when PSO2 prompts you for permissions, clicking "no", in my experience, will brick the PSO2 install, rendering it unresponsive to run, repair, reset, and uninstall commands, and attempting to fix the install while in this unresponsive state may cause multiple 70GB backups to stack in C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/MutableBackup
  • So after I inadvertently bricked my PSO2 by clicking "no" at the permission prompt, and creating (6) 70GB "backups", I went about uninstalling PSO2 manually (a real kick in the D by Microsoft)
  • PSO2 install folder to delete for manual uninstall is in C:/Program Files/ModifiableWindowsApps/pso2_bin
  • Delete any extra PSO2 "backups" that may be hogging disk space here: C:/Program Files/WindowsApps/MutableBackup
  • What's this, you don't have permission? Access denied, even on administrator account? Tell Windows to GTFOutta here by using this fairly simple method to gain access:
  • Don't forget to check "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and click Apply, followed by Ok.
  • You may have to gain access multiple times if you have backups to delete as well
  • Warning: Deleting backups may take a long time to process (150K+ files for each), and even take a while to empty the recycle bin afterwards! (I have a 2TB NVME drive and it took around 5 min to completely delete a single backup, so it may take longer if you use a standard HDD)
  • After finally getting rid of my bricked install and backups, I reinstalled PSO2 from the Windows store, ran the app as admin, and after the in-launcher update, I'm back on ship 3 like nothing ever happened!

Hope this helps anyone that are experiencing some of the same issues I went through to play, and saves people from making the same "mistakes" I did that caused the game to brick.

Can confirm this happens. Tomorrow's going to be a long day. Hopefully they fix it so this isn't a concern. And soon.

Can confirm, this happened to me today. Now I've spent the last two hours trying to uninstall this game for the THIRD time. Managed to uninstall the first two times following guides to change permissions ect, but this time it's just completely fucked and won't let me delete gigs upon gigs worth of data. This sucks. I have never ever had this many problems with a PC game in my life, and I used to play DOS games.