PSO2 Problem When Launching the Game

Hi, I was launching the game the first 2 times, it goes through the title screen and gameplay well, but when I try to launch the game the 3rd time, it doesn't even go to the game at all. Like after start, nothing happens. I have to restart my computer so I can fix the issue, but now Microsoft Store said the game needs repairs and it breaks the game entirely, uninstalling the launcher and installing more duplicate files. All I see what the taskbar manager is running is Xbox Gaming Services. I can reinstall the game, but it will end up being the same thing. I am at lost right now and I can't do anything more to fix it. What should I do? Thank you.

@Nekros5513 I have a similar situation. The only fix I've been told about so far was to either repair the game through settings or to restore it to just the 11 gig install from the MS store and download the tweaker. There is a slightly more in depth guide on my post from about an hour or so ago. The guy who told me about it said it fixed his issues

@JadeGraph737597 Can I have the link for it? Thanks.

I'm currently restoring my game to so I can try and download the tweaker. At this point though I'm so irritated I kind of just want to uninstall it

The best tips i can provide with the tweaker is to first download the 11go of the game via the Windows Store. You can attempt to download the patch via the SEGA launcher, but you'll probably encounter the 1813 error or else. You can easily fix the error after with the tweaker by going to troubleshoot, new method and let the magic do it job. Yet, DO NOT UPDATE the tweaker to the last patch, let it stay at or it will kill the exe. file just like it did for me. Had to unistall the launcher, fix the game via the official sega launcher and do the same with the new method one. I love psotweaker since it helped me play on jp server years ago, but their last patch is a mess.

@Manalariss my psotweaker updated last I'm stuck with a blank enter screen. This game has just been constant trouble for fucks sake

@JadeGraph737597 ahh dude is this because of tweaker, I manged to get my game working again but cant hit the enter key to log in to my toon ?

@Blackichan08 said in PSO2 Problem When Launching the Game:

@JadeGraph737597 ahh dude is this because of tweaker, I manged to get my game working again but cant hit the enter key to log in to my toon ?

set it back to virtual fullscreen or window mode? press tab instead of enter. and game services will relog.

@Ragnador-GER I will try this when I get home. Problem is now I can hit enter but once I do no other UI appears it just gives me the orb screen. Tried running a fix with tweaker and the latest update for it but nada. And I'm not tech savvy enough to try the powershell method they provided. Hopefully this is something that can get patched

@Blackichan08 its letting me hit enter but provides me with the background of the enter screen afterwords with no further UI now. What a bumber

@JadeGraph737597 I uninstalled it now cant reinstall wont let me on the windows store keeps saying something went wrong on our end pc is no more than 2 months old would not let me system restore either like wtf, I'm about to hit the nuke button on the pc and restore to factory I dont know what else to do honestly this is actually crazy. I'm no PC pro I know the basic and a bit more but one thing I can tell something is really wrong with this game, if I have factory reset my pc as nothing i try is working.

Just doing a final sfc scan and will try the windows store again then I'm going to nuke, my PC back to factory settings as I guess that's the only way i can see me being able to install it again and play.

@JadeGraph737597 It seem since this morning the game keep deleting files each time the game shut down needing them to be redownloaded. The PSO2 tweaker solve part of the problem, but keep deleting everything like usual. This is a war between Microsoft and the Tweaker ahah.

@Manalariss but is that not causing all the bloat people are seeing then comes a question how do people remove these files every one nuke in their pc is not good

At this point I think I'm just gonna have to tap out on trying to do anything on my end. I'm not a very tech savvy person and I fear I will do more harm then good. I'm just gonna have to be patient and hopefully a fix will appear for it. If not then at least I can hope for a non fubar pa4 launch