I know that in most MMOs and whatnot, certain servers are known for the communities that congregate within them. For example, certain servers are known for their RP communities, super competitive hardcore raid guilds, or another that’s heavy on veteran players or another that has 75% of the game’s streamers on it.

I used to play on the JP version a little and I know that Ship 2 was where it was at for English speakers, but this time around I started on Ship 1. And this evening I just kinda started wondering about all of this. Are there certain communities or types of players on each Ship, or certain blocks on certain Ships? I’m not necessarily looking for a specific community to join since my girlfriend and I just wanna play the game together, but it might be something that determines whether or not we change to a different Ship in the future.

I’m not sure if it’s too early to say which communities are on which Ship, but if anyone with the knowledge can give me a basic rundown then it’d be much appreciated!