Is bouncer/phantom viable at end game?

I'm completely new to PSO 2 and have no idea what I'm doing. I read that DEX mag is the best for bouncer, the class that I like the most (for now) so I feed my mag disc, only to find out you have to feed your mag based on your subclass as well, and it seems only phantom as a subclass is suitable for a DEX mag. Phantom looks fun as well so I don't mind, but I read that bouncer isn't that good at endgame.

Now the game is still confusing as heck to me and I don't know if I will stick around, but I don't want to mess up my character in the beginning. So is it fine is I go the bouncer/phantom route? I'm not that far deep in yet, only level 20 and I still haven't distributed my skill points yet beside 1 for the tutorial quest.

EDIT: Oh and when I said bouncer, I meant as Jet Boots main.

The NA version does not currently have Phantom available. But once it is, yes, it is viable in end game content, assuming you know how to properly play Bouncer.

A DEX Mag works fine for any of the current meta class combos for Bouncer since Bouncer's Mag Skill turns the Mag's DEX directly into both MEL-Pwr and TEC-Pwr.; Phantom's own Mag Skill just happens to do the same thing and stacks with Bouncer's.

I would say that if you do plan to go Bo/Ph when it is available, your best option to lead you into it is Bo/Fi (basically so you get more used to dodging as opposed to tanking things with /Hu surivability Skills).