alli leader

Found out how

@Twinmage you would have to promote the officer of your alliance to leader

@MortyGx oki i try i guess they need be online to see i tryed to offline member didnt work

@Twinmage Actually I'm wrong, I've just check on my side and I though I saw it there. Sorry for the misinformation v.v

@MortyGx i look i dont see how to do it all info i seen or ppl found didnt help

@Twinmage I know for certain that the alliance leader can be changed at will. Recently two members of mine were playing hot potato with it.

I'd recommend starting at the alliance counter (next to the skill tree guy) to see what options are there if you haven't already. If you already tried this and looked through alliance commands and all that jazz, good luck! I may be on later to post once I ask my alli leader about it if I can.

@MortyGx @Stretcharach I tryed that didnt work An alli friend on diff game found out an told me how to do it i forgot update thread 2 days ago i be passing lead to my raid leader form diff game soon as he can tran his ship 2 char to right ship lol He told me this. To pass lead, when you are next to the person click on them and then you have to find it in there. They have to accept it like a party invite