Great community so far

So,I come from Final Fantasy XIV,I definitely had SOME PSO1 experience and I did play far more Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2 than I care to admit. And while I still adore FFXIV and as much as I love its community(mostly,let's ignore Balmung and Gilgamesh...),I have to say that in the few days I have been playing PSO2,I have been enjoying communicating with other players and hell even this forum is pretty free of toxicity. I am surprised at how friendly and helpful the community is! Keep it up people!

I’m glad the game and the community is working in your favor, I hope you stick around for a long time!

The more positive players we have, I believe the more positive experience it will be for everyone!

Hyperion is not different from those two servers. PSO2 community does seem more chill. I love that. We were dancing on the concert on ship 01 earlier.

PSO2 community got it's up and downs as any other games. But I do agree it is rather great here overall. Zero complaints here, only hearts.

@Putz-n-Stuff I am glad that so far it does as well. I am an introvert so I do not tend to go to others easily,unless they impress me. And with how FFXIV has been going lately with all the bans and you cannot say this or that otherwise it prevents people from having fun.. Well idk. Kinda stopped me from engaging with the community because it seems that even giving people advices on their class is considered 'you don't pay my sub so i'll report you'. Been playing for 4 years and a half and I cannot even put my knowledge to use for others anymore..

Anyways,point is,I want to get more involved with the game/community!

@Pulptenks Well,that is definitely true. Some are more toxic than others though.

@RubberDucky1982 Yeah,we usually leave Hyperion alone as well. The issue is that Balmung is all the toxic roleplayers,Gilgamesh is all about toxic elitism and Hyperion..well I mostly just heard a lot of different things.