Any Torrent Client ?

Anyone heave a torrent link for download the client ? Shop client is unavalable can any share ?

there is now way to use a client other then the ms store one, since if it wasnt installed via the ms store it cannot get the xbox userid.

Stay on en-us or it will not work!!

if you have fiddled in your WindowsApp folder and deleted the empty folder Mutable. recreate it. now you can install the game again.

dont fiddle with access rights on your own or delete main folders because someone told you so. sure you can delete the things in the mainfolders but never the main folders.

after it was installed deactivate ms store auto update. download the pso2 tweaker : only use this till problems are fixed. never use the pso2 sega launcher or start with ms store till they fixed their issues - or wsappx will start to autonuke your game again.

They just have to make the game independent from the shit store .... i cant belive this shit why they need so long for a solution like this. Its clear that all issues comes from the shit store no, we have to wait till 10th may for an update and i doubt that we wont get the skilltree resettickets which are available for this week for login in with every character you have. Fuck of Microsoft store, just do it the same way like every other gaming sites to where you have to create an account, download the launcher for the game direktly from the site and login into the game with acc. which was created on the site -_- is it rly that difficult or are you so fixed to puplish the best f2p game on this shit store? Jp. Version its the same... no spezial sotre or something just acc. creation on their site, download the launcher and login with the created acc.

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