Hi, i'm here to try to help everyone with problems when you try update the game. Well, many peoples have a problem when the download is almost done, so we try restart the launcher, but show somes problems with the update, or with persmisions. So i will show a program, the PSO2 Tweaker is a giant fix for PSO2, so the download is bellow, just rolldown the page and make the Setup File download, is very simple, and just install.


Capturar Download.PNG

So, after install, open the PSO2 Tweaker, and you will need chose the version of the game, Japanese or North American (In our case, north american) and select the folder bin of the game, in my case is Program Files > ModifiableWindowsApps > pso2_bin


Ok, so here is where the magic happens, the PSO2 Tweaker can fix the most part of the problems with this version of the game, so to do this just go in Troubleshooting, just how i show bellow


And here you will see the list of the fixes, Let's do it by steps:

Problems with GameGuard (Anti-cheat): in person i dont have any problems with game guard, but if you had, just click in Fix GameGuard and the Tweaker will fix it.


Problem with the .exe of the game: Many peoples are having problems with the .exe or the launcher of the game, it just dont work and the game dont open, and the Tweaker fix this too.


Problem with permisions (1813): Well, this problem is with permissions of the files in the folder Mutable, just click in fix File Persmissions and the Tweark will do this automatically


The file will not be updated: This is the most boring problem with this game, just it dont update the launcher and you cannot play. Well, to fix this just click in New Method, and the Tweark will review and fix all the files in the PSO2 Folder, depending on your machine this step will take a while, 30 40 minutes more or less.


After that the Tweark will update your game, and you can launch the game using the Tweaker launcher.


I really hope helped as much as possible, any questions I am available to help.