Which Katana Should I Enhance?

The various wikis are failing me on this info.

I have a Alba Esrain: 353 power un-Enhanced. And it looks liek a rapier, which is a plus.

Or the Sigalga: 358 power at +1 (how I found it). It looks like a laser word, which is..eh.

I tried looking at wikis, but they all claim the Sigalga no longer drops (a lie, I just identified one) and they claim it has a MAX power of 257..Also wrong since mine is sitting at 258 at +1.

So..which is stronger at +10? I figure I'd get it that far before eventually finding a stronger weapon anyways.

The wikis likely refer to the JP version where it doesn't drop. I wouldn't waste my time enhancing leveling gear that will soon be replaced. Save your mats and meseta.

@niko2172 I would but I'm sitting on 200,000M and about 200 grinders. And that's after levelling at least 10 different weapons to level 10 across 4 different classes.

@Eguzky Alternatively, you could spend your 200k on a Nox Sagephus, 861 ATK. (They should be around this price, at least in ship 1). Much better option, and you can use this for a long time until you get a hand on 13* Katanas.

@Ash-Lv1 And where do I find or buy that weapon?

The personal shop, search for it.

Player shops. Access from the purple terminal and search for the name.

Dang. Nearly 300,000M and I'm also about 100 M-Def short of being able to use it.

@Eguzky said in Which Katana Should I Enhance?:

Dang. Nearly 300,000M and I'm also about 100 M-Def short of being able to use it.

Complete your dailies. Also take a note on the collection quest, such as mining/ fishing. The butler looking guy sitting in the Cafe gives weekly quest, if you find the item (from mining, at decent chance) he is looking for, each is 100k. Total 5 quests which gives 500k. Fishing quest from daily order NPC frequently pops up. Each gives 100k. Also note those quests can be completed on EACH of your character. And take the advantage of FEVER system (you get 2 or 3 rare items per collect instead of 1).

@Ash-Lv1 I think he was saying he has 300 million meseta, although I don't really understand how.

@niko2172 because the Meseta symbol in game is M ... lol

@Ash-Lv1 I can't read, apparently. He has 300 thousand. Whoops.

The sword was about 295,000M as in Meseta. 🙂 Sorry. So 295 thousand meseta. And I'm 100 P-Def short of using it, so I did not buy it.

@Eguzky You should be able to use the sword really soon, at lv40-50 ish. And this sword can carry you until lv75. (If you don't do ultimate quests).

@Ash-Lv1 Maybe it's worth grabbing, then.