PSO2 sudden issues

I have no ideas why,I have been playing for 60 hours without any issues,now suddenly I cannot even open the launcher anymore. There is no loading,no error messages. It just acts as if I never pressed anything.

I'm having this problem too.

This is just extremely stupid. Also the Windows Store has no rights to have admin rights overwriting MY rights and tell me I have no access to folders in MY pc. This is extremely shady.

I just noticed soemthing. It seems that when games require an Administrator Approval to install on the MS Store, the reviews are rated low mostly because of stuff like games deleting themselves and other errors like what is happening with PSO2. Those without Administrator approval seem to work fine.

Hi! Thank you for bringing this up. We are already doing our utmost efforts to fix these issues as soon as possible. I humbly ask for your patience.

@GM-Bleed What does not help right now is that it is absolutely impossible for me to remove the game from my PC. You guys should have NEVER went with the Windows Store. I am hoping that this gets fixed ASAP because this entire thing might force me to format my entire PC just to remove the game. I am less than pleased at the current time. I was enjoying this game,but these issues have been nothing but a plague on an otherwise very enjoyable game.

At least it's not just me, this is honestly bullcrap. I come home to suddenly just, NOT being allowed to/able to play my game, but my brother right next to me can open and play it just fine? Fix this.

I hear you. All of the players feedback, suggestions, and concerns are being forwarded to the relevant department. Please know that we're with you in this. We will fix these issues.

What saddens me the most,is that we,the playerbase have foreseen these events,we have told you all that running betas and whatnot would have been beneficial to you. But you didn't,wherever this decision comes from,it is now definitely biting you back. Now I know,this isn't your personal decision,and I bear no ill will or aggressivity towards you or anyone working on this,however I have made purchases in this,and I would sincerely keep doing so if all of this an be fixed.

What troubles me the most however,is that the team behing the English translation of PSO2JP has been able to fix this entire mess with their fan made tweaker. And I have seen it working firsthand. Maybe there is something to be learned there?

@Morgothryuzaki said in PSO2 sudden issues:

I have no ideas why,I have been playing for 60 hours without any issues,now suddenly I cannot even open the launcher anymore. There is no loading,no error messages. It just acts as if I never pressed anything.

I had to changed the perssion of the pso2_bin folder back to my computer just to get the launcher working again. As of now it looks like its downloading all the game files again. I'm waiting to see if this works. What is super alarming is that this game doesn't show up under the control panel to uninstall. You can do so through the app setting panel but that is really unreliable and prone to hang ups. Real shoddy work here...

@PotsAnPansRobot There are a fair number of red flags with this whole situation,if we are being honest. I do appreciate the GMs reaching out to us,and I am sure they have the best intentions,however it is probably still PR. Decent PR and I don't think they are lying either,but PR nonetheless.

Right now,whoever is in charge of this,went into damage control mode. I saw on their Twitter that they were aiming to fix the whole stuttering issue and that they are trying to fix whatever kinda mess this whole situation is. I do hope that this gets fixed. I love Phantasy Star,I love PSO2 and I want to keep supporting it. But if these issues keep re-happening all the time,I'll have to drop it all.

And I finally got it working, only to have the launcher deleted, needing to redownload that as well as apparently needing to redownload PSO2 again, even tho it is on my system. What the hell is going on here? I just want to play the game, this is disgusting,

@Morgothryuzaki And at some point during the check file it just kinda closed out. sot sure when because i was away from my comp, but at this point I'm just nuking all available files.

Update: Just to nuke any files pertaining to PSO2 requires a whole lot of changing folder properties to change permissions....

I confirm that formatting the entire drive did uninstall the game and that after following the PSO2jp tweaker,everything is back to normal.

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