Why is North America behind Japan, Again?

Happened in PSO, Blue Burst, PSU. Now this...

Why? IF you wanna get down to it, the translation is all done, and they've had eight years (or however long since the last expansion) for dubbing. Are we going to get treated like third class citizens... again?

I want to keep an open mind ofn there being some kind of reason, like 'oh hey all the collab events that either make no sense or require more fees won't work and with those yanked out half the code collapsed past this point.' Bad enough I have friends on the japanese fleet I can't interact with. I want to be positive, but given sega's history of failing to deliver, then fingerwagging at us?

I'm just going to be blunt about it. I expect sega to treat us like third rate peasants, drop support, blame us, and the fans having to pick up the slack and make our own fun.

Just play God Eater or something from Platinum Games.

Being a potential PSO fan in the west is suffering.

Well...I am enjoying my time with my game. And it can be possible that Sega may expand it in the future. I am impatient because I wanted this game for Sega to bring it me play and when I saw that E3 2019 video it shocked me that Xbox got it. And then it was said that it would come to English in Switch and PS4 in some articles; for me to enjoy this is the only option for me to play in way that easier than making it more difficult for myself. Like I said this the game and I am playing it and I am happier than ever.

Sadly, recent MMOs brought to the west have been like this because they're pacing the release of content to try to artificially extend the life of the game. The problem is that the updates end up falling behind even further and people lose interest. Blade and Soul and Closers both ended up crashing hard when they launched with 2-3 year old versions of the game and continued to fall behind. By the time they started actually catching up in content, people just lost interest.

MMOs need to aim for a simultaneous release across the world nowadays to avoid this, but it just doesn't happen outside of WoW and FF14.

@SordidSaucer464 truth be told... PSU and PSOBB were physically behind; Western versions were older clients. In comparison, PSO2 NA is only artificially behind; its the Episode 6 client with content gated to try to make the game less overwhelming to potential new players with content being unlocked at a fast rate to catch up with JP (Its estimated that Episode 4's releasing pretty soon)

I guess this is your first MMO you've ever played, but most EN MMO's are always behind their foreign counter parts.

I want to believe. I really do (hence my being here.) But between Sega blaming the north american playerbase for why they didn't give GM support for dealing with the hacker problem (Hellooo mophead!) PSU updates slipping further and further behind, Blueburst falling behind the japanese client...

I just want my feelings known. I'm not giving my money to sega until we are at parity with the japanese client. til then I have too much of a fear they will burn us.

They already have a catch-up plan, so I wouldn't worry too much about it unless they start to lag behind schedule. We are already using a more advanced client with many game balances from episodes we don't have access yet.

I am not against this model, since it gives people time to enjoy all the content instead of turning everything into a rush through 8 years of updates.

@metafalica1 said in Why is North America behind Japan, Again?:

MMOs need to aim for a simultaneous release across the world nowadays to avoid this, but it just doesn't happen outside of WoW and FF14.

FFXIV doesn't do that either, Korean and Chinese servers are a few major patches behind.