pso2 tweeker FTW

these guys in arks layer deserve a prize , definetly supporting their patreon, if anyone is having trouble just download the game in microsoft store but dont open it! then launch pso2 tweeker and the tutorial will drive you trough it very efortlessly . then it will begin downloading the packs for the game . it fixes all registry problems by itself and you can just use it to launch pso. a freaking masterpiece , after the disaster that is MS store. kudos

I started using it after my installation deleted itself. No problems so far, but this is day 1.

i couldnt even open the game so this is a win for me

Did you install it on your main drive or secondary?

main drive, i tried doing it on secondary (D:) but i couldnt download from MS store even when i recreated the windowsapp folder and such.