Referral code for new players on Ship 1

Welcome all!

Hello, share your codes too!

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Bump up for my steam players!

When you use the Friend Referral System to begin Phantasy Star Online 2, both you and your friend will receive wonderful items! Please input the following information during registration. Every 10 levels you gain, you get badges you can spend at the badge shop for cosmetic items:

My Ship: Ship 01: Feoh

My Player ID: 11105109

Реферальная информация (ссылка, ID, идентификатор, промокод) для получения бонусов в игре PSO2 при регистрации, каждые 10 уровней будут давать значки которые можно обменять на косметику и всякое:

Мой Ship: Ship 01: Feoh

Мой Player ID: 11105109