Referral code for new players on Ship 1

Have you noticed that ship 2 is always crowded or full? I created my first character in ship 2 when the NA server just released, but now I can't even log in to that character because most of the time ship 2 is full. So I created a new character on ship 1, here's my referral code for new players that can't get into ship 2.

Ship 01: Feoh

Player ID: 10697876

Keep it coming bois! 🤙

Post your code in this thread 😘

Funnily enough I didn't join the paddy wagon, I simply started on Ship 1 just because... eh? first in the menu so... Besides, when I signed in all ships were Normal so as far as I was concerned there wasn't any ships over congested but at least now I know and somewhat glad I didn't play on Ship 2 for the fact that it will get overloaded and not playable, let alone accessible. I suppose the only real loss is the Personal Store and players available for missions? not that you can't just use Ally AI or whatever. I know it's more fun with others but eh..? I'm sure more players will join the other ships sooner or later once they realize they can't play on Ship 2 due to being over congested.

I agree ship 2 has a ton of players but the other ships are getting crowded as well, thankfully not getting as full as ship 2 though. In terms of the prices in the personal store, I've checked recently and it seems there's not much of a difference, well some items on ship 2 costs more than ship 1 in my experience.

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Share some codes peeps

for any new players Ship 01: Feoh

Player ID: 10576017

Use my code for new players!