Bought Item from PLayershop Didn't Receive anything

I'm playing on Ship 02

Hey hey guys, i'm fairly new to the game, been playing it for the past 3 days, and today I've decided to buy my 2nd Item Through the Visiphone ( player shop)

Looked up for Eville Amalti: Hazel [BA]

Found the cheapest one, around 745k

Bought the item Sent Kudos to the Store owner

My Mesetta went on, but my Item never arrived so far, ( it's been 4 hours )

I've Logged off, logged in ( 3 times so far ) I've Checked on my Temporary Storage . My Regular Storage, my Inventory I went to the Saloon to see if it would appear there

but to no avail ,

This exact same thing happened to me with the same item too. Still haven't received it and its been over a day now.

@Lk-SonicDX It's happened before and I really do hope you where able to record it. Sometimes when people are looking at the same item it looks like you bought it but only way to actually have it is if it takes your meseta. Considering it ask you to leave feedback i think you got it, but I know the way the game is set up if 2 people try and buy at the same time, it kicks you both out of the shop when buying and says an error occurred. But it looks like thank you for purchasing. If still no luck, open up a support ticket.