Daily experience scaling appears to be bugged.

I discovered this when trying to figure out why a friend was leveling so slowly despite doing dailies. The Daily Arks Missions appear to not be scaling correctly with level. I have a couple pictures to illustrate the point. Notice the level compared to the experience given in each case.

pso2launcher_lALVX6LSvw.png Discord_SE88y4MRRi.png chrome_1k3CW03D3U.png

The dailies and weeklies have always been like that since the NA version started. They don't get the huge 'xp' upgrade until you hit level 50. Once you hit 50, the next day the dailies will be like the ones you show up at the top, and when weekly reset happens, if your character is level 50, the weeklies will be updated. They don't scale with level, they have 2 tiers. The crap tier before you hit 50, and the good tier after you hit 50. It's super easy to level to 50 without dailies anyway. Just do all the intro quests the game throws at you for learning the game, your trainer's quests, the basic casino quests, and that'll get you a ton of experience. '

The best way to level before 50 aside from that is just pick up matching Client Orders (CO) for whatever quests you are doing. Many of the CO's will give you 10,000-30,000 experience and you can often complete as many as 5-10 of them in a single mission run. I have 5 characters now, and it's never taken me more than a week to get to level 50 with any character, and the last one I wasn't even trying that hard or playing that often.