Game needs to be on Steam. Windows 10 store almost messed up my PC

winsapp.PNG I've already sent a report ticket. Frankly I'm exhausted and will personlly no longer support the games windows 10 store release. If you are lucky enough to get this game to work without any issues, don't let me stop you from enjoying the game. I also want to thank all the players trying to figure out all the issues so everyone can play this game.

I've played many mmo's in the past, but this has been the messiest to date. And it is not the games fault at all, it's merely that it's on windows store. First not is that I have bought AC that never showed up in my game, I'm currently asking for a refund. Second I've had to uninstall the game twice, if you can really call it uninstalling cause I had to hard shut off my pc both times. Not to mention the files still left over that I could delete. And as you can see it gave me a new driver for some reason. I had to system restore my computer,which never fully completed. And I still suspect files are still on my computer. Again I've talked with many players and watched a ton of guides on fixing my issues. But I'm afraid at this point I don't want to risk hurting my pc further. I personally will not play pso2 or any game that requires me to get off Windows 10. Steam or any other way I will download it. Heck I rather find a cheap xbox to play it before I play it off of Windows 10. Again continue to enjoy the game if you are able, I already sent a report ticket. I just wanted to share my experience and my feelings on this.

Bumping up

It's not coming to Steam anytime in the near future. As for the problems they know of them and are working to fix them.