[Ship 01- Feoh] SwagDragonZ

We are a community-based, Social/Raid Alliance that strives to give players some of the greatest experiences in PSO2! We accept everyone to anyone to join in our cause to spread that SWAG all over the ARKS Fleet! (Newcomers to JP Veterans, XB1 to PC)

Things to expect:

  • Alliance Activities,Events, and Shenanigans (In-Game and on our official Discord)

  • Alliance Benefits (Always have someone to hang out with/making new friends, Show ppls how SWAG u be, Photon Tree boost (Tho were at a leveling phase, meaning we're focusing on leveling our alliance to max level before caring for our tree), ETC.)

  • Social Gatherings (In Team Room, Personal Quarters, Cafe, ETC.), whenever you want to get to know someone a bit better! It can mostly be done on discord tho, requesting one doesn't hurt UwU

  • Raid Meetups in our block's (B-20) Cafe, where we'll form groups for UQs and tackle them with Pride! (Also, for Concert meetups UwU) Not only UQs, but also AQs, EQs and more!

  • A Fun, Safe community for all to enjoy where everyone is respected and treated like true fam! NO tolerance of ANY kind will EVER be accepted.

JOIN SDZ Today and discover the SWAG hidden within you!

[If you would like to know more about our alliance or Interested in joining our cause, feel free to hit me up on our official discord: https://discord.gg/sCm2ZXg (The discord server is closed for hiatus), Discord DMs: SwagDragon©8957(Jesús)#5777 , or in-game through the visiphone>ARKS Search or Xbox. (Alliance Name: SwagDragonZ, IGN: Charlotta or Tania, GT: PluralCash2360) ]