[Ship 3] Azure Hearts Recruiting

Hello everyone. I am the leader of Azure Hearts on Ship 3. We are a growing max level guild with a handful of dedicated new players. The goal of our alliance is just to have fun and tackle the content together while we all learn this new and wonderful game. All players are welcome whether you are a veteran or a new player.

  • Alliance Name: Azure Hearts
  • Ship: 3
  • Alliance Level: 5
  • Main Class: Any
  • Timezone: Any
  • Playstyle: Any! We are a mix of Casual, Hardcore, and Laid Back
  • Activity: No Restrictions as of yet
  • Discord: We have a Discord and info will be provided on an individual basis

Let me know if you are interested. You can message here although it might be best to message me in game or via Discord.

Leader Contact Info

  • Player ID: Cableguy
  • Character Name: Dameon
  • Discord: TheeCableguy#9050

still looking for recruits?