Summary of Game breaking Bugs, tweaker and a valoration about if you should play right now

It's just a quick summary for those who want to know what is happening or are thinking on using tweaker:

Gamebreaking bugs:

  • Just download PSO2, opened the launcher, download the patcha and when i press to start the game, it gives an error: Mostly is an error related to permisions on certain files. Windows store choose a delicate folder to install in and mess up the permission granting.

  • I could play the game, but after exiting the game or rebooting PC, i press the game icon and nothing happens: This is know as the "autonuke" bug. Basically, the store and the files get disconected for certain reason, the store decide that are corrupted and delete them. It is said to be linked to the fact of installing the game in another drive from the one it has windows installed in. Also, there are people that installed the game in the same drive as windows and the game got autonuked anyway.

  • Help, can't unistall! : This one is very tricky. What i did to unistall the game was to open "programs" press delete on PSO2 while also went to the folder c/windowsapps/mutable and c)windowsapps/mutablebackup and delete everything there, also delete X(drive where you installed PSO2)/programfiles/windowsmodifiedapp/PSO2_bin. The problem with this method is that you need the permision thing figured out.

About using tweaker:

  • It avoids the permision problem and it has a lot of tools to repair the game.

  • It won't avoid the autonuke bug. So if it already happened to you, forget to try again.

My opinion:

Right now, is a massive headache to try to play this game. There is a high chance of facing problems that won't allow you to play and also cause a lot of trouble trying to unistall. Some people have roughly 50-70GB occupied and cannot get that space back because they lack the proper knowledge and skills to mess with the files.

I advice to everyone that want to play this game (is a really entertaining game) to wait for a fix that fixes the problems listed above.

atm im testing. disable MS Store autoupdate

downloaded and installed pso2 in ms store but never clicked start.

used in tweaker troubleshoot verify filed new mode. playing atm.


never start pso via msStore or shortcut. only using the tweaker to start.

till now no selfnuke.

@Ragnador-GER Tell us how that goes. Though it could take a day or two before you see any autonuking.