Alliance Quests Not at Quest Counter

A team of us were planning to run alliance quests, but they were not at the counter to accept them.

We read off all of our quests from the Alliance Counter, went through the list, wrote down the shared ones, but they weren't accessible when doing a mission.

This is very strange and makes it extremely difficult for Alliance members to play together.

You also can't take any if you're less than 24 hours old in the alliance (Yes, even as leader.)

This is true.

My thought process is: "I'd like my alliance to run quests together in a weekly event."

Current status of game is: "Everyone has different quests. The Quest Counter doesn't let you select these quests. This is a challenge to do weekly fun content with the guild. Building up a community event experience is more challenging than anticipated."

Just so you know, Casino is probably the biggest way you can get Alliance Points quickly with little effort. Could always do a weekly casino event or something :V