Risa's handling quests have the wrong client message and UI problems.

jankville.jpg The three quests "How's Your Rifle Handling?", "How's Your Launcher Handling?", and "How's Your Gunblade Handling?" mistakenly say "clear any quest". That is incorrect. You're specifically supposed to clear "Floating Continent Sample Recovery". (See attached image for the bug)

Also, the quest text has some janky alignment/issues. (A lot of quests have this problem as well as the Auxiliary menu in your quarters.)

Side note: The UI for 4K - Middle and 4K - Large do not show the map position correctly. You can see in my screenshot it says "Sing" and "C -" in the upper right. It should say "Single" and "C - 1", I believe.

It's always cut off, though, regardless of where you are. Not a problem in "Small", "Middle" and "4K - Small".

Good catch. I think the best option for this issue is to make a bug report here about it: https://pso2.com/support#contact-us. This will help them track down the problem directly faster.