Risa's handling quests have the wrong client message and UI problems.

jankville.jpg The three quests "How's Your Rifle Handling?", "How's Your Launcher Handling?", and "How's Your Gunblade Handling?" mistakenly say "clear any quest". That is incorrect. You're specifically supposed to clear "Floating Continent Sample Recovery". (See attached image for the bug)

Also, the quest text has some janky alignment/issues. (A lot of quests have this problem as well as the Auxiliary menu in your quarters.)

Side note: The UI for 4K - Middle and 4K - Large do not show the map position correctly. You can see in my screenshot it says "Sing" and "C -" in the upper right. It should say "Single" and "C - 1", I believe.

It's always cut off, though, regardless of where you are. Not a problem in "Small", "Middle" and "4K - Small".

Good catch. I think the best option for this issue is to make a bug report here about it: https://pso2.com/support#contact-us. This will help them track down the problem directly faster.

still not fixed.

At this point, it's pretty obvious it won't get fixed.

I've submitted an official ticket about this, posted on the forum as well in this topic and other topics which mentioned the same thing.

The bug has been there since closed beta and has not been addressed over 6 months later, they don't really care about it or care to fix it. shrug

They still have not cared to fix boss name prefixes not having a space between the title and the name and you see those all the time while playing the game, they undoubtedly prioritize this sort of translation issue as very low.

I don't really care so much about the CO translation. I do care about the map position not showing correctly, though.

The bug is just glaringly in your face the whole time you play in 4K medium or 4K large on the Xbox One X.

Adjusting the display area does nothing to fix the issue. You can even plug it into a monitor, which has no overscan, and the same problem.

Only way to know which map position you're at is to put up the map in the middle of the screen and calculate it yourself instead of being able to quickly look at the right side of the screen and see "Oh, I'm on C-1" or "B-2", etc. You just see "Singl C -" or "Multi B -" lol. Number is nowhere to be found nor is the remainder of "Single".