Can't Find Alvida Head Item

I got the Alvida set for my female Cast and I was able to equip the arms, legs, and body... but no luck finding the head. I went to the Salon to see if I could equip it there and I couldn't find it anywhere in the options for head parts. It's not a massive deal, but I was really looking forward to having that full set for my character. Any other suggestions on what I should do to try and find it?

CAST Heads are Tickets and must be used before they are available in the Salon. Check your Consumables tab of your Inventory.

@AndrlCh Welp... I'm dumb... Thanks for the help.

Ok so it may have been my dumb fault but I can't find the head piece anywhere. So I did use the ticket but at the time I was on a different race than cast. So did that item only unlock on that one character and is now un usable?

Never mind, figured it out