How to add symbol arts to your automatic text reactions ?

I'm wondering how it's done since i see everyone instantly spamming them whenever something happens like when a rare drop drops. also how do you get sound effects on them since i keep hearing that xD thanks for any advice!

You use the command "/sa#" in your Auto Chat settings, with the # being the number of the Symbol Art you want to use.

Oh thank you i'll try that now ^^

I've been trying to add SA to my auto chat but it only shows the SA and not the text. Did something change?

@ChiknAriseMcFro I know we don't have the ability to add auto symbol art for when we have a auto action sentence. For example if you die and go down, a symbol of revive could be used. I been trying for some time but that feature is still not available.

@ERICK001BC Ty for the reply. It took some digging but I found that if you use /symbol# it cancels out everything else. I just added the extra box so RNG decides whether to display the art or my "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" text when I die. The symbol art was working by itself. You should try it now.

@ChiknAriseMcFro Cool, that's funny I felt I was the only person who used that saying. I also use Tis but a scratch/Flesh wound for critical hits that don't kill me.

@ERICK001BC Black Knight ftw. I sling out a few French insults for a couple of auto texts. My Quest start is what Google says is the Japanese translation for "I fart in your general direction." I also have a "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" 😁

@ChiknAriseMcFro Nice, I start off "if your going through hell, keep going." Or the rise shining photon (gundam from G gundam) and it sometimes will be the good old, "I choose you."

I had to remove my independence day speech from the emergency alerts for obvious reasons.

It is not /sa#, it's /symbol#. /sa# has never worked for me.