Well, i'll tell how i've made the game work.

1st - If you have changed the permission on Windows app folder, you`ll have to turn it back to default (i was only able to do that by installing the windows all over again)

2nd - You must be logged in on Windows account at the microsoft store, xbox game app and PC

3rd - Remove everything you have from PSO2 from your computer (if you have anything)

4th - Disable completely UAC from your computer, go there and put the bar completely down (just type UAC on search to find the location) - This is the most important thing, for some reason if you leave this on, it never works (not for me at least)

5th - Install PSO2 12gb, then click on the play button right after finishes the download. game will update normally (hopefully)

6 - when you start the game check the bottom left, if there is no account press TAB and connect the account.

7 - if the game works properly, copy the folder from pso_bin to another folder in case windows deletes the folder

8 - Every time you'll launch the game, you MUST go by the Start > PSO2. NEVER OPEN BY WINDOWS STORE.

I did all this and worked

Additional tips, when i re-installed my windows i put the entire system in English and Region USA. don't know if this will change anything, haven't change it back to normal.

Well, i hope this helps anyone.