Crafting vs. Augmenting

I've gotten some experience with Augmenting/Upslotting through the perhaps usual combination of intentional, and some seriously bludery unintentional, experimentation. But I've been seeing a lot about this "Crafting." I assuming this is different the Augmenting. But augmenting/upslotting does feel like crafting..?! ;0 If anyone can describe one vs. the other it would be great.

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There are a few different kinds of Crafting, but they are all done from the wall console in your Personal Quarters. This is a real quick and unpolished explanation of them:

  • Item Desynthesis: This is how you get the materials need for Crafting. You are basically breaking down Weapons, Units, and lv11+ PA Discs into materials that will be used in their respective types of Crafting.
  • Weapon/Unit Extension: This type of Crafting takes a Weapon or Unit and replaces its Stats and Equip condition (Potentials and any innate PAs are not lost). There is a random chance that you may get a bonus during the crafting to lower to Equip conditions or to add another equipable Class. There are different levels to the Extension (separate from the Grind level) with each level being slightly stronger than the previous, but requiring you to go in sequences (ie. Ex1 then Ex2, then Ex3, etc.).
  • Tech Crafting: This type of crafting creates Discs that change various stats about Techs, like the Potency or Charge time. Each Tech has multiple sets of recipes that can change different things (for example, Foie's two sets of recipes can either Increase the Potency and Speed while increasing PP cost, or decrease the PP cost while lowering its range). There is a range on the effects, so you may get better or worse stats on a Disc even when using the same recipe.
  • PA (and Type-0 Tech) Crafting: This is similar to Tech Crafting, but the Discs created here change the actual behanior of the PA or Tech. For example, normally the Jet Boots PA Strike Gust is a charge PA where the charged attack does a quick rising kick, but Strike Gust Type-0 instead becomes a hold PA where you immediately go into the rising kick and continue to do it while holding down the button.
  • Timed Abilities: These allow you to add bonuses to your Units that can give things like a RDR Boost, but they only work in certain Quests, depending on the recipe used. They can also randomly add Pwr stats when being created.

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Thank you so much for that "quick" run down.

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That does also remind me. Is it worth stockpiling any "crafting fodder" ahead of time in storage. Or fine to wait until it gets introduced. As coming back from a mission with a boat load of extra gear your gonna feed a mag, sell, or whatever is an always thing. But maybe there are certain items good to stock up on?

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@KnightHarb1nger It's all just rarity based for Weapons and Units, and for PAs they need to be lv11+, and you get different Fragments based on the disc type (Melee, Ranged, and Tech). You should honestly not have issues if you just wait until Crafting is added.