Anyone know what this is?

So after getting everything to work after a span of two days or so, I get on and find that there is this weird circle radar thing that reacts to sound that no one I know who has played the game can tell me about. Anyone got any clue? Checked settings but I can't seem to find anything related to it.![alt text](![image url](Idle_71nYbteICT.png image url))

I have the same thing. No idea what it is, how it got turned on, or how to turn it off. No one I know has been able to figure it out either. Help would be appreciated.

Yeah. I didn't think I should post this in tech support because it doesn't really impact gameplay. Its just some sort of weird thing that I can't really seem to get off my screen.

Anyone encountering this issue, it turned out to be a Nahimic Sound Tracker and can be turned off in that software.