Cant uninstall PSO , and am not very tech savy

I just cant get the game to uninstall off my pc, am not very tech savy any help would be so helpfull. I tryed using a program to claim ownership of the files.

@Darfin1981 If you dont know what your doing I really would NOT recommend doing anything as of now and hopeing a better solution gets patched in. Because most fixes are adding access to files and data the system has blocked you out from accessing and tampering with files, doing it wrong could lead to a blue screen of death or your windows store not working at all (Not that this one is a bad thing)

If you really need the space or data back with the uninstall not removing anything you can look into this (a safer method would be a system restore)

For a large number of users the game has removed itself on reboot so you can try hitting uninstall and doing a reboot and seeing if that does anything for you