So what's up with PSO2: The Animation?

Something that has been bugging me since the release of the game has been....If Episode Oracle is a retelling of Episodes 1 to 3, then what was up with "The Animation"? Was that a weird non-cannon "What if the world of PSO2 was an alternate one"? it's been bugging me since I started playing through the Story Missions...

It is completely canon, and acts as a a prelude to Episode 4 to a degree, taking place in the time gap between the end of Episode 3 and the beginning of Episode 4.

While it is canon, it is not required watching since most of the important plot points of it are explained in game. The only other real impact is for understanding a couple of cameos that happen in Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

I'm on episode 2 ..things are quickly heating up lol.. waiting to get more of the story from it still.

I'm on an extremely old UI model of Hulu, so I'm not sure if the subbed Oracle translations are the same for everyone else.

But, Darker was subbed as Falspawn, so this "censorship" is something the translation team at SEGA is intentionally doing.

The Animation part on Crunchyroll did explain the OP power move in Episode 6, though.

@MasterDarkwingz A lot of the naming and terminology used in the official English localization/subtitles are very close to what the global version of the game was working with as well. It is strange in that sense to me because the Japanese version still clings onto their original names and spellings where as the global version (and the official anime) seem to be spliced together from both the fan-translation and the localization efforts. I recall that "Darkers" were originally spelled as "D-ARKers" or something along those lines which tied much more into ARKS as a whole but the Falspawn name doesn't bother me too much because it still has the same source in reference (Dark Falz).