[Ship 2] Calm - Looking for chill, laidback members! (we love anime and kpop)

Hello there.

Just started playing today, so I've got a lot to figure out. I'm interested in joining if you're still inviting!

Player ID: Snacklord

Hii, I would like to join too. Player ID name: Ionik

I have also sent a request in game.

@nIXne oh my bad lol its: 10491479

@irdumb1 Sorry, I need the Player ID Name, not the player ID :(. I don't know why they made so many different identifications lmao, because I can't search you with the ID you sent me

Hello there, am interested in joining.

Player ID: TaviCraft67

@TaviCraft67 Tried searching that but I couldn't come up with anything?

@nIXne Hi, i am interested in joining. id:FlamusX

Im interested in joining. player ID: l-DRIG-l <- lowercase L's outside of my name

@FlamusX @TaviCraft67 Couldn't find your guy's ID, but I think it's because you guys aren't online. Hit me up on Discord whenever you're ready to receive an invite! Otherwise, I'll try again later tonight.

Hey looking to join ID is Popcornpuck

As a nearly 30yr old man that enjoys both, anime and K-Pop (Taemin <3), I'd love to join. I'm not on right now but my player ID is Acadia Grace (Spaced out like that with caps in both the A and G)

Edit: 코디#2586 is my Discord if I'm not in game.

B u m p !

B u m p !

B u m p !