[Ship 2] Calm - Looking for chill, laidback members! (we love anime and kpop)

[where our banner will eventually be lol]

Hey guys!

Nothing too fancy here, we're just a group of close friends looking to recruit some new faces around here to hang with us! We're generally pretty chill although some of us do like to banter and make random noises late night on Discord (despite some of us being almost 30 😖 . A lot of us are new to PSO2 (some of us are "vets", though we quit back in like 2013 or so). We also play other games like League of Legends, Valorant, sandbox games, fighting games, and random steam games which members are welcome to play with us! Our group also has a lot of different interests ranging from art, cosplay, anime, kpop, and more.

  • Alliance: Calm

  • Leader: nIXne (IGN: Nine)

  • Ship: 2

  • Location: USA/Canada

  • Timezones: Both PST and EST, irregular hours but typically night time.

  • Our Age Group: 20-30

  • Playstyle: Casual/Mixed, active

  • Discord: Not required, but recommended!

If you're interested feel free to message me, post here with your player ID, or hit me up on Discord! nIXne#9999

I'm interested in joining, PlayerID/Character: Satellite

same. I too am interested in joining an alliance to do VHAQs with. ID is 10663391

I'm interested. I'm new to this game and I don't know what I'm doing and I wouldn't mind making some friends, though I admit I'm pretty shy so I may not talk much. ^^ My character name is StraySama

Added you guys! Except for @Merlin , I tried searching for your ID but I didn't come up with anything.

B u m p !

Hello I am interested to join PlayerID/Character: Nyanie

@RevivedAlpaca51 Invited! Let me know if it doesn't work or if you need another one.

interested in joining, rather new to the game but looking to learn about and play a bunch haha, character name is "cobalt"

@nIXne Hey! I would love to join! Player ID: Rezinoc. 🙂

@Rezinoc Added you in-game! @irdumb1 What's your player ID? Looked up your name but there's like 14 cobalts haha

Hi Id like to join, this sounds like a nice Alliance.

Player ID Name is Edawg

B u m p !

You had me at memes and anime ❤ PM me when you can!

@MrH1gz Msged you on Discord, just need your player ID!