Buying AC from Europe

@Capt-Codpiece Thanks so much for this guide, but you forgot to mention that you need to change your address in MS store to a US-based one, it's not enough to simply go to the US store. It also took me relogging and waiting around a little bit for it to update my microsoft account region to US from EU.

@Lokranas Hope the above helps you, it worked for me. Just make sure when you go to redeem the code it says United States instead of anything else for the country in parentheses. Make sure you relog after changing your region in the settings by altering your address, it's not enough to simply go to the US storefront, as noted above.


oh, i did that before i downloaded the game, i thought that was a given, since you have to actually have the game before you can spend all your money on mags 😛 is it possible to download the game without adding an adddress? i just used a random address generator from ye olde google search.

ive never had any pop ups for address confirmation in the 3 codes i have entered nor for the purchases i made with them, only a MS account sign in.

For me i had the digital code for 30USD, had my locations set to US and navigated to 3k AC in ms store, on payment window i selected redeem code and no address was required.

@Capt-Codpiece I already had a Microsoft account from before, which had my real address tied to it, so the MS storefront would be for EU. In this case, searching for PSO2 would not bring it up until I'd change the store to the NA storefront on the bottom left. However, as I'd still be considered being in EU, I couldn't purchase any AC as I'd get told it's not available in my region.

@Gerbilios If you use gift cards, you of course do not need to enter an address, however, if you use any sort of direct payment method, you do. So in this case, one could of course just delete their address info entirely, not just change it to a US-based one. Either way, people should know they can't have a non-US address, and need to relog and give it a moment to change your location after switching it.

Pretty brave of you to post this on the official forums considering you need a vpn to do this. Which breaks TOS. This is a NA game.

Well the game is also aviable in Europe, we are not really excluded. Okay we need to change the MS to NA but thats all and without great effort. Though I will not buy Game Cards by Key Sellers. So from me at least currently no money is spent into PSO2 NA