After having to go through "it doesn't work, try to delete, redownload" dance a few times, my brain remembered that i should probably find a way to tell Windows to simply install everything in my D drive instead of C:. Turns out there IS a way to do this in the Windows settings which is an easy as literally pressing the option.

After i finally deleted the game and all the folders [which took a while], i redownloaded everything AGAIN, but this time it would all go to D:, no moving anything, no interrupting the download in the slightest. D now has around 4 folders [because the launcher doesn't even bother to AT LEAST put everything in one folder and i will NOT move them myself out of fear of this stupid thing breaking] and somehow it works perfectly. I haven't had any issue since it finally started working. Xbox Gaming Services and Xbox Identity Provider seem to be the only thing the game actually needs [and it automatically downloaded the Gaming Services alongside the launcher].

Messing with permissions and moving files IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT, it just seems to make it worse and is likely one of the reasons why people report the entire thing disappearing or duplicating.