BSOD after nprotect

I know I posted it in another thread and someone else had the issue as well but I check everyday and it seems that only a minor few are getting BSOD compared to all the other errors and problems.

I was able eventually download from the store on opening day. I was able to intall the game, run the launcher and update the game. However, everytime the nprotect runs and closes, the screen goes black for a second looking like it will open pso2. Instead after a short moment the screen gives me a blue screen of death.

I have only been trying to test it again in case it was fixed every day or two now because I feel like the BSOD will eventually ruin my ssd.

So in the meantime I still continue to look for new threads, twitter updates from PSO2, and some updates in existed mass error threads. Sometimes it is so flooded though that I cant even keep up or find a reply if its related to the BSOD.

So I wanted to make this one for this error to keep track easier or if someone was able to get past this :<


you tried the pso2 tweaker? they had an issue with nprotect. should be fixed in their newest update.

or what kind of antivir are you using?

I dont know pso2 tweeker. Is there an official link for the download to try?