PC Updates looking good.

From the newest updates tackling a lot of the issues it looks like thing will get better and more ships might be open. Hopefully this might be the "countermeasure" they meant. Hopefully PC might be able to start enjoying the game, respect and some trust may return. I do hope this all leads to a good vibe in the community. We all love the game, and it's nice to be heard. Tried uploading picture of 4/6 under maintenance and wasnt able to take screenshot of other ships showing up for a split second under 6. Maybe International news soon? Lets hope and stay positive.

@ERICK001BC said in PC Updates looking good.:

Maybe International news soon?

Some UK/EU users have reported the game (but none of the DLC/Cash Shop items) has appeared on the EU version of the MS Store without needing to change region.

@coldreactive I'm pretty sure it was announced ahead of time that AC and bundle purchases were only going to be for US/Canada due to the liscensing.

What updates are you even talking about? The game has received no updates either via the MS Store or the Client, lobby lag is still as bad as ever, no updates on the release of new ships...

All we got was a poorly written troubleshooting "guide" that by no means come CLOSE to solving the issues people are having. Considering all the tinkering I had to do to make this game run, and how unhelpful the suggestions in the "guide" are I would never even come close of solving ANY of the issues with whatever suggestion they put in there.

There's still the uninstall, GB hoarding and client yeeting itself...

@TheAngelneer The guide was a work around while they are working on an official fix for the issue. This was stated on the social media posts when they shared it. It may not work for everyone but it was meant to help until they can fix the underlying issue.

Given all of my personal issues revolving getting gameguard to accept my running processes, fixing download file permissions, renaming and moving files and the 150+gigs eaten on my SSD, I am still pleased with how the game plays. Been waiting a long time..

Hit me up on Ship 2 if you all ever want to parrtayy

@TheAngelneer https://www.reddit.com/r/PSO2/comments/gsn90o/workaround_fix_unbearable_lobby_lag/

removes 95% of the lab in lobbies and its super easy to do in 2-4 minutes.

@Rao You can also turn off the movie animation on the tv screens. That seems to help a lot of people out. Sadly My alliance block got overrun for some strange reason.