PSO2 eating up all of my hard drive space.

hey people, I had to repair the pso2 app to get the launcher to work. I had to do this a few times. After the repair the launcher starts patching. When the patching is done it installs the same amount of data it takes to install the game. So , I have the equivalent of 3 copies installed as far as hard drive space taken. I have also just started the updater and quit way before it was complete. Even if you quit the updater it still uses hard drive space that you do not get back. The game also can not be uninstalled. I am hoping there is a fix for this soon. At first I could not get the game to work now I feel like my hard drive is being held hostage. I do not feel we should have to modify files and download 3rd party software. to all you people that have modified files you could be in violation of sega or microsofts terms of use. We should also not have to reformat our pc's to get hard drive space back. I can see lawsuits over this in the future . So SEGA AND MICROSOFT, PLEASE FIX THIS AND RESPOND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PLEASE.

this happens if you fiddle with the perission system. wsappx tries to reset your changes and deletes and reinstalls everything but wont delete the backup files. MutableBackup. you see this if you try to start pso and nothing happens. you only have a white bar under pso in your start menu. in taskmanager you see wsappx working and working.

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MutableBackup

I was able to remove PSO2 through safe boot and remember if you cannot eee your windows app folder both mutable or modifiable makes sure you go to your control panel & update your file explorer settings to view hidden files by default