Error 630

Why Does this thing keeps on happening? I can connect normally and can successfully enter the lobby, but after a few seconds I keep getting this error. [Error 630]


I'm getting this issue sporadically too, I was unable to enter daybreak province 2nd area without getting the error.

This happens to me over 20 times a day. I have to take breaks from the game periodically because it's so disruptive and keeps resetting my progress in whatever I'm doing. I notice it happens more when I'm in a terminal menu or NPC menu. Beyond frustrating, bordering unplayable. Bump for visibility.

This is an increasing issue, first few days I was playing...never got this issue. And then on Sunday, started getting it and at weird intervals such as moving from one area to another, or after finishing an UQ just now. I'm pretty certain this server related and not client due to its strange nature, devs need to be made aware of a potential issues.

630 happens when there is a prolonged period of no network response (normally from client side, but can also be the server).

Mine happens mostly during loading screens. I attribute mine mainly to my bad internet, though. With this game a temporary drop of wi-fi signal seems to be enough for a boot.

If you can/aren't already, try hardwiring and see if it does any better.

Xbox player here, I've been having this problem for about a week now! Very frustrating! I've reset my router, sent a reset signal from my service provider. I've ran diagnostic tests through my xbox and other devices... eveything comes back clean! What can I do to fix this?

@Tido-Fresh-25 how often does it happen a day (and how long are you playing)?

When you run the multiplayer connection test on the Xbox, how high is your ping and what does it say about your NAT?

Had this problem during a mission playing with my wife, she dropped during the transition to the next area and I didn' no, its not on client end.

I noticed it happens to me a lot more frequently if I'm in a full block. After using exit lag & trying to stay on the blocks below 75% capacity it's stopped happening except for once or twice a day. Exit lag was the big difference. Before I tried that it was literally 6-10 times an hour making the game literally unplayable due to having to restart any mission.

Bumping because its still an issue, just had error 630 randomly again - no internet loss as per usual. This is one of the reasons why I'm not buying anymore premium currency until this issue is fixed.

I've been having constant disconnection just before the boss on SHAQs and have just given up farming. Even at lower levels its always disconnection

Same issue here and it's been an issue for me since day one of the PC release. I don't get D/C if I'm in my personal quarters and THANKFULLY not on missions but it does happen anytime I'm in any lobby or shopping district, also including the salon. I'm hardwired into my PC and my internet doesn't drop since I'm still connected to Discord/literally everything else on my PC that involves internet. It sucks that this is happening to others, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one having this error constantly occur.

June 22nd and this is still a problem I have been experiencing for the last two weeks on Xbox. Even upgraded my router and internet package hoping that would help. Uninstalled and cleared room on my hard drive hoping that would help. And STILL have this issue.

The Magatsu error 630 issue seems to be resolved, I haven't had the error since the weekend. I still occasionally get random error 630s but I think those ones are related to comcast and/or storms in the area.

I have gotten pretty consistent 630s every day. Especially during the boss area in VHAQs or SHAQ. I have been following many of these threads and it really does seem to be targeted. I have a rock solid connection and programs such as Wireshark show no dropped packets on my end. This is really one of my only gripes about this game at the moment and I really hope it get resolved.

Latest 630 was 10 minutes ago at time of writing this post.