Microsoft Store DL speed

Hello there, My MS Store install (the 11GB part) is extremely slow : between 0.5 and 2 Mbps despite my 100Mbps Internet. On top of that, I have multiple download errors that requires me to interact with the MS-Store to click "retry"

Needless to say this second install after MS Store nuked the first one is going to take days.

I did not notice many people complaining about this speed issue but I'm downloading from the EU. So just asking, are other people in EU having the same trouble ?

Therefore I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worth it firing up my VPN ?

OK, I can confirm the IP Address has meaning : I went straight from my meager 1Mbps with my local IP to a more appropriate 40Mbps when setting a VPN getting out of NYC ...

Edit : Oh wait the joy was of short duration, after 1GB of DL, I got again DL errors and I'm back to my trickle of a BW. Note that my local BW is pretty OK (speedtest gives me around 75Mbps two ways).

So this is clearly an issue on these shitty MS Store servers 😠

OK, my DL is almost finished and here's what I understand:

Changing my egress to DC from NYC did the same thing earlier with my move from EU to NYC: a good BW speed for a few minutes and then trickle dow and errors.^

Then I shifted again from DC to NJ and I have been good (50Mbps +) for at least 5 mn and now I'm back to around 10Mbps but the link is stable with no errors (it has been for at least 15mn).

So my conclusion is that depending on your location, MS attributes you a server and do not balance the traffic. If the server is overwhelmed or buggy for some reason you can only pray.

The lesson is that a VPN should be useful even for NA located players ...