Salutations! (Introduce Yourself)

Greetings fellow PSO players! My name is Stephen, and I've been waiting for this game to finally arrive in the Western hemisphere. I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to share their Xbox/Steam username, ship they're playing on, and character(s) name(s). I'll start...

Xbox: GodneySlaves4U

Steam: SMarcoHugh

Ship: 01 - Feoh

Characters: Malachi (Hunter) Kandi Love (Force)

Feel free to add me if you like!

I have played Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, Phantasy Star Universe, and Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan. Always looking to make friends to run with! You can add me on Xbox, Playstation or Steam. You will often see me running around under my regular name in-game.

  • Ship: Ship 1

  • Xbox: Rzarcasm

  • PlayStation: Rzarcasm

  • Steam: Rzarcasm

Here is the template if anyone is feeling lazy and wants to reply to this topic:

  • Ship:

  • Xbox:

  • PlayStation:

  • Steam:

  • Characters:

My initials are MC and I am starting with PSO2 as my first Phantasy Star game. I plan to play PSO2 longterm and try and be active on this forum. You can send me a friend request on any of my accounts but currently I am having troubles with my PS4 at the moment.

  • Ship: Ship 1
  • Xbox: Plazza7020
  • PlayStation: Plazza7020
  • Steam: Plazza
  • Characters: Plazza