I'm about to give up on this game after wasting the last 3 days trying to redownload, and reinstall the game over and over again with a slow internet connection. Yesterday I wanted to try installing the game again, since the system only lets me install the game on C for no reason at all, I went ahead and made a symlink of the modifiablewindowsapps folder to D to have it download the rest of the game files to my secondary drive, and it worked perfectly. I ended up having a full install of the game and I managed to start it once, then I turned off the pc and went to bed.

This morning, I go to turn on the pc to play the game, and guess what? It won't even start because apparenty, the game isn't available on my account, in spite of it being present in my library and me being able to start at least the launcher last night!

Now I'm in Europe so I figured it might cause issues but no, everything was setup correctly.

Now unless the devs managed to make a version of the game that doesn't require that amazingly broken Microsoft Store, I doubt I'll ever try to run the game ever again.

Anyways, if anybody had the same account issue as me, please share, I'm sure other people will need help with that.