3 button vs 2 button

So i was playing the game with 2 button no issues until a friend told me that 3 utton is the best way to play and i tried it out but it feels clunky to me. is 3 button really the best way or does it even matter?

Theres some technical combos you cant execute with 2 button from what I researched.

Yes, it is the best way to play.

Three buttons both allows you to field more PA on the same weapon without needing to switch, and allows you to choose which PA to use at every strike.

A lot of the big damage combos in this game are done by chain&canceling some crafted PA´s as advanced, crafted PA (Which we will soon get) change their behaviour and allow you to combine them differently.

For instance, the Braver´s "Cherry Blossom Finale" becomes instant and can be used to animation cancel some moves.

Even beyond the combos, just having access to more options will make a world of difference as more difficult and advanced content is released.

Playing 2 button is gimping yourself in so many situations.

ahh okay. maybe i just need to practice with it then. i am currently playing bouncer.

As a bouncer you need 3 button otherwise its not as fun.