So the Issue report for windows 10 install/download they just put up not that long ago, its honestly a bit insulting. their best response right now is stuff that WE HAVE tried (probably multiple times for some) and then after that its contact windows support, who do you think we contacted after getting the same error over and over again. It feels like they are trying to push the problem off on Microsoft (who is at fault for this mess just as much as Sega) and not taking responsibility for a mess they had their fair share part of.

Also as a little aside related to it, looks like Microsoft removed well over 200 of the reviews from the PSO2 MS store page, which did raise its score some, albeit only by 0.1 but whats to stop them from doing that over time to try and sweep the negative attention the MS store has been getting from this mess under the rug. Both Sega and Microsoft need to just sit down, own up that this is 100% a mess of both their making, and fix the problem. Not give a half baked temp "fix" that boils down to if it still doesn't work, send a support ticket to Microsoft and Microsoft needs to not touch a single review on that page , most of them pointing out that a good chunk of this whole thing is caused by the terrible way the MS store is set up and works, and actually fix their store or else this will just repeat with the next update/patch/or game that comes along.