4 questions

  1. What is the ac scratch ticket x12? I see that all the other ones have a prize list but that one does not how is it different from virtual stars ect.?

  2. How can i tell what items are an upgrade to current equipment? I bought some leg and arm units that had +42 but when i go to equip them the defense is higher but everything else is way lower

  3. Is it possible to use subclass weapons? If so how?

  4. Are there any active aliances recruiting on ship 2 every alliance ive joined is dead and no one chats my playid is linktofuture.

Any help would be great thanks

  1. The AC Scratch x12 can be used on ANY AC Scratch.
  2. The items only tell their main stat, everything else you have to check manually. The main differences are from affixes.
  3. I don't think you can. There are certain weapons of each class that can be used by all classes, though.