Generic USB Controller not working - get a new one or??

Hey all - new to the game and just trying to get set up on my windows10 laptop. I have a generic USB controller off of Amazon (frisby brand) that works fine with my PC in general (I can test it through windows and use it a psx emulator no problem), but PSO2 will not recognize it when I'm trying to set up the controls. Is my controller just too cheap or am I running into a common issue with a workaround? Just wanted to make sure before buying something new.

ALSO- if a new controller is recommended... what should I get on the more budget friendly end? Thanks in advance for any help!

The control might not support xinput. I would recommend getting a cheap XBOX360 controller from a brand called Rock Candy, if you can. They make the best controllers I have used on PC from X360 for cheap. I think they are typically around $25 USD. That's what mine was a GameStop last year, at least.