Where do I get basewear?

I bought a coat outerwaer but since I have no base wear my character has no pants on. where can I get some?

You can buy it from the personal shop cube thing it has the option to use the auction house, Usually it will have (BA) in the later part of the title of the item

@KLB600 You can search for basewears in personal shop by settings the categories like "Layering Wear" > "Basewear" > "Male Basewear".

They gave a way better answer +1

You can also get them from AC scratch, but your best bet is to search for the ones you like in the market.

Thanks for the help guys!


Question, just bought a basewear but the item is nowhere in my inventory. Any clue what this means?

If you used it, it will be in your cosmetic inventory I think its called Fashion?

@KLB600 Unlike outerwares, baseware items are provided as tickets. I think it is in your inventory on the same tab as the monomates. Once you used the ticket, that character can wear the basewear in the salon.


Ah I see, managed to find it. Thanks!