How do sub palettes work?

Can I not have 2 palettes of the same weapon but with different skills?

Yes, you can. Also Sub-palettes are the slots around your weapon palette. Your weapon palette an also have the same weapon with different skills.


alt text

Weapon Palette is below. It has the same harmonizer in the first and second weapon palettes. (Yes, I only have one harmonizer in my inventory.)

alt text

It's also worth noting that you can switch between sub-palettes by opening the weapon palette switch menu and then pressing G or H.

@Viiyen thank you thats where I was getting confused at.

After a few quest you are given a total of 6. (You can also buy extra on the shop.)

I still for the love of PSO2 can't switch this stinking sub-palette menu from 3 to 1 or any number, locate the hotkey, nor can I change the hotkey to TAB instead.

G and H swap the highlighted sub-menu skill. Nothing more and nothing less, even on the edit menu.

(Alienware with potato graphics, keyboard.)

Just a side note, Call Up Sub-Palette does absolutely no functionality at all.

Open the weapon switch, THEN G or H to swap to sub-pallette changer

in the chat window, you can type /spal1 or /spal2, /spal3 etc. this will change the current subpallete to the number. there is also a menu for chat shortcuts where you can assign things like a subpalette switch with a weapon swap (and a camo swap) all at once.

@MasterDarkwingz Numpad 7, 8 and 9 can switch the first 3 sub palettes without any extra input. I keep a secondary sub palette to activate the toggle skills or for whatever else I don't use too often but want to keep at the ready.

I set my sub palettes like so:

1 for class skills, movement, utility, and moons.

2 for boosters, foods, and movement