A question on Accessory

Let me start off by saying that I'm new to the game and don't know much about the Accessory bound/account bound mechanic. It seems like some Hair styles and outerwear can be worn on other characters on the same ship.

BUT what I'm confused on is that I recently obtained a Wings Of Darkness B (the white one) on one of my character(I activated it). The status of the items says "Using this will allow you to select with all characters in your account" So i recently created another character (of different gender) and it seems like I can't use the Wings.

I'm not sure what's wrong or If it's actually character bound not account bounded?

Aesthetic tickets only apply to the entire account when you use two of the same ticket. If you only use one, then it is bound to the character you used it on.

@AndrlCh Hey, thanks for the information!