Game was working just fine until I accidentally clicked "No" on the permission's box during launcher startup. This prompted Windows to delete about half of the data in the pso2_bin folder.

I checked my task manager and found "wsappx", a process used by the windows store, utilizing about 20% of my CPU. Apparently the Windows Store has been, ever so VERY slowly, "fixing" my install. The wsappx process continues to run at approximately 20% despite restarting the computer and even starting the computer disconnected from the internet.

Tried to uninstall/repair the game in settings and my system just sits there doing nothing. Eventually I just gave up and am now just tracking the pso2_bin folder size for the past two hours and noting how its been increasing/decreasing in size. Here's a couple samples:

  • 8:11pm - 56.8 GB
  • 8:20pm - 56.9 GB
  • 8:27pm - 57.0 GB
  • 9:25pm - 54.5 GB
  • 9:32pm - 54.9 GB
  • 9:45pm - 55.4 GB
  • 9:54pm - 55.7 GB
  • 10:05pm - 56.0 GB

So on top of having a broken game install, a fifth of my CPU is now permanently tied up trying to fix it. Here's to hoping the file size doesn't drop by 2 and half gigabytes again like it did between 8:27pm and 9:25pm.