BoFi question on Valiant Stance wording

I'm currently using BoFi and the wording of Valiant Stance in the skill trees has me a bit confused. Isn't it supposed to be an across the board damage boost for attacking enemies from the front? It says it reads though that it boosts melee damage and has the Melee Power Up effect...does this mean I'd benefit more if I used jetboots switch to change my damage to MEL (P-Atk) as opposed to TEC (T-atk)?

It should just be general damage increase; this is likely a translation issue. Also, Jet Boots always do Melee Damage, regardless of whether they are using TEC-Pwr or MEL-Pwr.

EDIT: I just checked in game and it doesn't say anything about just being Melee damage, but what you are likely seeing is that it is telling you that the prerequisite for unlocking Valiant Stance on your Tree is to get the Skill "Melee Power Up" to lv.3.

@AndrlCh you know are right...I was looking at the prerequisite like it was a TL:DR skill summary. Well good to know then!

Another question then. Does it matter if I use JB switch? I'm using a pure DEX mag to get the bouncer mag bonus (and eventually either main Ph, or sub it with Bouncer). Does that mean it can be beneficial based on the enemy in question's TEC def vs their MEL def?

@LCDfeenix Enemy defense is determined by Damage type, not Stat type, so Jet Boots will always calculate based off of their Melee resistance. With a DEX Mag, the only benefit to using Switch Strike is if the Augments on your Weapon and Units are MEL-Pwr instead of TEC-Pwr.