[Suggestion] 6 man party request.

they would have to rebalance like 80% of the game... not gonna happen. also, phantasy star universe was NOT phantasy star online 2 for a reason. much like the new darksiders game is not called darksiders 4.

I like both ideas. If it's not possible, I'm sure NA could adjust or create their Urgent Quest, which could allow any number of people for your party. Perhaps, limit larger parties to the harder difficulty of dungeons? The reason I love Phantasy Star is from always playing with others online.

while a larger party would be nice I have to agree with megaf1ux it would require a major recoding of the game which means taking the servers down until the operation is complete and that would anger 💢 countless people

It wasn't implemented in the eight or so years in Japan, it's not happening here, unless both versions of the game got the same rebalancing. That won't happen, because if nobody that played the in the JP servers asked for it in the eight years it was live, they probably won't ask for it now. Considering we have that much content on the "to add list", this in my opinion is a terrible Idea right now anyway.

What you can do is have an entire instance for yourself, but it requires coordination between yourself, and those you are friends with in the game, that and luck. You'd need an empty instance, then have your friends join as separate parties. That's about as close to getting what you want as you will get.

If something like that were to happen id want to see balancing given to the enemies such as more health and attack to avoid it being too easy.

@Baxcel said in [Suggestion] 6 man party request.:

Why stop there? Make it 12 so you can own your own exploration instance :3

I'd like this idea if they have a multi-party grouping system like how other games have raid group parties. Each is it's own individual party, but can enter the same content together. Obviously following the normal player amount restrictions.